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mute the game then Press Spacebar. REALLY SIMPLE.  Get a high score then screen shot it and show you friends.

two difficulties. mute and with sound.

I was told it was very important to publish my game and move on, do lots of little projects and have some stuff out there before i work on my big one.  So here it is.

Thank you for your Time, please dont take this one too seriously. MMORPG is the big one im dreaming up. x


Update 1

Bug fix - I tried again, couldn't quite sort the scrolling floor to work
with the time the level has loaded something too look into further
however there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Space-bar / DesertJumpv2 (replaced files) This one doesn't have
a scrolling texture, the floor is actually moving like the "enemy"

also added an after effect, that makes the floor fade
into the sky in the background (a blue fog), forced 720p and changed
from gamma to a linear render. (no effect to game play.)

-This has only been tested on this PC so I dont know if speed and resolution have an effect on it. - at this point.


Update 2

Added High Score. The Highest score you have had  will be shown in the top left (it is set to my test score that is easily achievable) The High score will presist through Restarts < 3 happy jumping.


Update 3

Ive only gone and made a Start Menu and pause menu.
absolute mad man!

Volume control! aka : Difficulty scaling.


Update 4

Fixed bug where, combinations of Jumping and pausing, would allow you to jump higher than usual. Moved the score back (as requested).
Character should jump the same height on all PC-Builds, thanks to a tweek, but untested.  (i only have one machine.


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encouragement would be nice. feed back isnt too important on this one.  like i said i just wanted to see how publishing worked < 3